A book not to be missed!

MEN-MIDDLE: Towards a crossroads of knowledge for a methodology of interdisciplinarity, under the direction of Adélie Pomade

The relationship between men and their environment questions the human and social sciences and the natural sciences in different terms, using different methods and data, but in the convergent perspective of a better understanding of their interactions. In this context, how can scientists “work together”? How can they bring together, cross and address the multiple challenges of the same problem within a collective and integrated questioning? This interrogation leads the often compartmentalised disciplines to open up to concepts and methods of analysis that until now were foreign to them. This inflection invites researchers to a stronger “scientific empathy”. It is not a question of talking to the other, of becoming the other or of understanding him, but of placing oneself in one’s cognitive field. The book highlights the way in which the disciplines approach and understand the issues related to the relationships developed between humans and their environments, and questions the inter-multi-transco-or multi-disciplinary methodological issues related to them.

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