A universal principle

A universal principle

Ecological negotiation is a universal principle that humanity must learn to develop in a sustainable way taking into account the limits of the planet. These natural boundaries are non-negotiable. Nature can no longer be regarded as a negotiable thing that is available. Nature destroyed is irreplaceable. Human and natural temporality is not equivalent.

It is the human activities and demography that humanity must learn to control and negotiate within the confines of the planet. This negotiation can no longer be a business negotiation. It must be ecological. It must flow from the heart of humanity. It must use all the human potential to carry out this balancing exercise. Ecological negotiation implies a deep listening to the needs of humanity in its diversity, complexity, specificity and comprehensiveness. Humans must act together. They must beat to the rhythm of the same heart. To implement ecological negotiation, it is necessary that our decision-makers (State, private companies) learn to make their hearts vibrate to the rhythm of the planet. This approach is not economical but universal. Ancestral cultures teach us a lost discipline that we must find. Our modern knowledge offers invaluable tools to try to observe and orchestrate diversity as a whole. The ecological negotiation imposes a discipline first personal, then collective. An essential listening between the actors, economic and financial operators up to the territorial actors coordinates and impels this practice of the negotiation. The arrangement of the actors and the role of each must be clarified by the expression of the vital needs of each and must find root in a territory with limited resources. The territories support our families. They feed us and feed humanity. Earth is our Mother. It is hand in hand, with her, that we must build our future. Some territories are bursting with life and could revive our humanity by listening to these reciprocal needs.

Practicing ecological negotiation means accepting to live together, to listen to one another, to share, and to take one’s right place at the right moment in a perfect balance with the territory and, more generally, with our planet. Respect for nature – silent but present negotiator – is at the heart of this rare and yet daily practice in the business world. This world is still disconnected from the lands on which it is actually actually put into practice.

Ecological negotiation is thus reconnecting the needs of humanity and commercial and financial practices to ecological issues of the first order such as the protection of biodiversity, healthy food, environmental health, climate change…

We know the damage we are doing today to the planet, due to a lack of regulation and long-term visibility on our actions. Today we know and can correct our actions. Let’s act differently. From within what we are, outward. This will gradually bring peace and balance to our beautiful planet.

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