Month: June 2019

  • A book not to be missed!

    A book not to be missed!

    MEN-MIDDLE: Towards a crossroads of knowledge for a methodology of interdisciplinarity, under the direction of Adélie Pomade The relationship between men and their environment questions the human and social sciences and the natural sciences in different terms, using different methods and data, but in the convergent perspective of a better understanding of their interactions. In […]

  • What is ecological negotiation?

    Ecological Negotiation is a negotiation whose object and consequences go beyond purely anthropocentric considerations and directly affect the future of nature. For a long time, decisions about the future of nature have been made unilaterally between policy makers and promoters. Administrative procedures aimed at informing the public of a new project did not allow for […]

  • A universal principle

    A universal principle

    Ecological negotiation is a universal principle that humanity must learn to develop in a sustainable way taking into account the limits of the planet. These natural boundaries are non-negotiable. Nature can no longer be regarded as a negotiable thing that is available. Nature destroyed is irreplaceable. Human and natural temporality is not equivalent. It is […]