In a few words…

“There will always be oppositions and disagreements, but when we learn to look in the same direction, we come to join in. This is at the heart of the process of ecological negotiation. We must learn to look in the same direction, the one who unites us to one another and the one who connects us to nature.

Climate change and biodiversity loss are some of the causes that force us to look in the same direction. They force us to review our values ​​on a global scale and relearn to consider the impact of our individual and everyday actions. We must change our habits, our routines and our view of the world.

By developing, we acted individually and upset our perceptions that are gradually losing their bearings. We must now rebuild a global cultural stability based on universal values. For this, we must find them, and return to the very essence of why we live

The ambition of this working group is to make ecological bargaining a stabilizing element of ecological relationships between humans, and humans and their environments. The role of ecological negotiation is to interfere at the heart of disruptions to integrate these universal values ​​that will help us to look in the same direction